all my shop friends have visited me today and a girl came in with a gorgeous dog and its name is Eleanor Rigby and i got to pat it and this has been such a great day 

what happened to apple blackcurrant juice man. just doesn’t taste like it used to, eh?

reblog if you love your dick

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*walks out of the movie theater and it’s still daytime* what the fuck

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My bank account may not say that I am rich, but oh, I am so so rich. It depends on how you define being rich. I am so blessed. I have so many lovely souls in my life, and they make my life worth living. I am healthy, at least physically. I can get in touch with people, I can spread love, I can wake up and encourage and help people. I can eat. I can sing. I can dance and listen to music and laugh. Life is amazing.

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back when i was a bee keeper my bees were really gentle and one time i scooped up a handful of them and i got rly emotional and wanted to kiss them and i essentially faceplanted myself into a palm full of bees while crying and that’s an important fact about me

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